Ecah Zamri's Stories

I thought.
Sunday, July 24, 2016 | 8:53 PM | 2 Sweet Hearts

I thought that I was though,
but I cry when nobody's around.
I looked so cold,
but my heart is a little too fragile
And I can't help it.

I thought that I was heartless,
but every little things they do
leave something in my heart.
I've tried to show that I don't care,
But I end up taking care of them.

I thought goodbye never hurts,
But it cut me to the deepest.
I've trained myself
to not easily get attached to people.
Seems like I've failed, haven't I?

I thought I'm gonna survive,
But live can be hard sometimes.
I'm starting to lose myself,
Living out of nowhere.
I've lost my soul.

2 Sweet Hearts(s)