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Sunday, January 18, 2015 | 7:20 AM | 0 Sweet Hearts

I found out about this movie from twitter, someone RT something about the movie from a page . I was impressed. So, I open youtube and watch the movie trailer. It was kind a interesting yet scary.
Last night, I searched about the movie and these is what I found out.

In "Unfriended," a teenage girl's life is ruined when someone posts an anonymous video of her online. After enduring slut-shaming, she decides to commit suicide, an act that is also captured and posted online. Exactly one year after her death, an anonymous person uses the dead girl's Skype account to contact everyone who might have posted the first video online, demanding that the responsible person come forward and confess. When they don't, they start getting be killed off one by one in some pretty gruesome ways.

This movie are based on true story of a girl named Laura Barns. She was dead two years ago.

Here's the movie trailer

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