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Friday, September 11, 2015 | 3:58 AM | 0 Sweet Hearts
Too beautiful to be describe in words.
Too much love endearing.
Too much pain receive.
Depends on it's kind.

A friendship based on love,
Nothing will ever tear them apart, 
Even distance.
 There's a place called dreams,
They'll meet there.

A friendship based on trust,
The more secrets reveal,
The stronger the bond. 
They accept each others flaws,
And guide them to the right path.

A friendship just for fun ?
They pick you when they're having fun,
And throw you when you're in the blue.
They are just using you.
Like a puppet.

A friendship based on looks, wealthy.
The shortest period of friendship.
Everything can change in a second.
Both will gone.

Be wise,
Be in a good friendship,
Don't get hurt.

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