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Sunday, August 30, 2015 | 4:39 AM | 0 Sweet Hearts
Firstly, I'm sorry for the things I'm going to say. Don't expect anything and just read.

I hate this feeling, the feeling of being abandoned, the feeling of unwanted. I do realize that I'm not your priority anymore. You started to treat me differently. Since that, I know I have to back off before I get hurt. Too bad, I've already hurt. But it's never too late to set things right.

Let me go straight, I don't actually know our status. Are we really in a serious relationship or not. This kinda killing me every time. It's hard for me, to think of every single days, controlling myself not to do things you don't like, while you having fun without thinking about me even a bit . I'm sorry, but it hurts.

Let's just be friends so that we can freely do things we like. I don't want to be attached with anyone for this time, moreover with a person who always gone when I need him. Please, understand me.

And go on, catch your dreams, in time you'll find a girl you deserve. Don't worry about me. I'll be doing fine. But if you need me, I'm ready to lend my ears.

And yes, love's hurt. I shouldn't get involved in this love matters at this age. Too young to being let down in love. I'm sorry for everything, I'm letting you go.

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